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The Gebhart-Becerra duo was established in 2011 in Brussels and is constantly exploring the different facets of the piano-duet. Duo on stage as well as in real-life, their acclaimed success lies in their incredible complicity and authenticity. It pursues its musical journey through different repertoires ranging from opera Arias, melodies to lieds. 


Shortly after its debut, the Gebhart-Becerra duo was rewarded the 1st prize of the Lied Cobelli contest in Brescia (Italy). Since then, they have regularly been invited to perform in prestigious venues such as the UNESCO in Paris, the Hofburg in Vienna, the Royal Theater Park in Brussels, in the amphitheater of Catamarca (Argentina), Castle of Karreveld etc. The Gebhart-Becerra duo also played for various festivals : Festival de l'Eté Mosan, Juillet Musicale de Saint-Hubert, Festival des Minimes, Printemps Musical de Silly, Festival de Vitré, Cantus Formus etc.


In 2017 the duo was selected to take part in the film "Brussels swings" commissioned by Flagey and directed by Marie-Jo Lafontaine.

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