Belgian pianist Pablo Matías Becerra is recognized for his insightful interpretations, distinctive sound and poetic sensibility. His approach to music is a refreshing combination of passion, sensitivity, dedication and a open-minded outlook on the career of a musician.

Pablo Matías Becerra grew up in a family of musicians from Argentina - a pianist mother and a violonist father - which gave him the passion for sound vibration. His deep commited musical approach takes roots in the Argentine culture. After his studies at the Centre Musical Eduardo del Pueyo with Françoise Wel and Jean-Claude Vanden-Eynden, he obtained his master’s degree in piano with great distinction under the tutelage of Jean-Claude Vanden-Eynden at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. At the same time he confronted himself to european musicians by studying two years at the Accademia di musica di Pinerolo along with the known Italian maestro Franco Scala. In 2009 he kept on exploring the ways of music interpretation having the incredible opportunity to study conducting technique in the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel for two years with the opera conductor Patrick Davin. Finally in 2010 he met Rena Shereshevskaya, with whom he worked at the Ecole Normale Alfred Cortot in Paris until 2014 to perfect his piano technique.

He also receives lessons and musical advise from Eric Heidsieck, Tamas Vasary, Burkard Spinnler and Laura Richaud among others.


Throughout his career, his musicality has led him to receiving multiple awards in competitions: 1st prize in the Belfius Classic Competition, 1st prize in the Laure Van Cutsem Competition, 2nd prize for chamber music in the Horlait Dapsens Competition, and the 1st prize together with Julie Gebhart (soprano) in the Cobelli Lieder Competition (Italy).


For several years now, his partnership with the talented Belgian soprano, Julie Gebhart, has been an integral part of the Belgian music scene. Pablo Matías performed solo and together with Julie at Juillet Musical of Saint-Hubert, Festival de l'été Mosan, Printemps musical de Silly, the Minimes Festival, the Karreveld Castle and many other events and venues. In 2017, the duo was chosen by the artist Marie-Jo Lafontaine to participate in the film Brussels Swings – A Road Movie of Sounds, in collaboration with the Flagey cultural center.

Up until now he had the chance to play as a soloist with orchestra in Belgium and Argentina and to play solo and in chamber music in Argentina, Belgium, France, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Holland.


Pablo Matías is also the pianist in the ensemble Trio El Cuberdón, dedicated primarily to tango, which he founded together with Noemi Tiercet (violin) and François Haag (contrabass).

"An outstanding musician with a superb technique. He really feels music and he is a very sensitive performer."
- Tamás Vásáry
"A complete artist, warm-hearted, curious and whose sound equals the image of the artist: profound and refined."
- Laurent Graulus musiq3
"An extremely talented pianist promised to a bright future."
- Rena Shereshevskaya
"A very talented pianist who is totally invested in music (...) an undeniable musical talent and a great ability to work (...) a technical and artistic mastery of a very high level. "
- Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden
"I'm convinced that he is destined to achieve excellent things in the field of music because he has the depth and seriousness of true musician."
- Marian Mitea

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