Extracts of Maria de Buenos Aires - Astor Piazzolla, 2016

A newcomer to the Brussels tango scene, the Trio El Cuberdon is made up of Pablo Matias Becerra on piano, Noémi Tiercet on violin and François Haag on (double) bass. All three, coming from the Belgian royal music conservatoires, have known and appreciated each other’s work for several years. But it was only recently, during the summer of 2015, that they launched this new trio project; originating in the opera-tango “Maria de Buenos Aires” of Horacio Ferrer and Astor Piazzolla, a singular work of its kind, for which they hold a particular tenderness and enthusiasm that they wish to share.


The Trio El Cuberdon aims for an inquisitive and eclectic repertoire: beyond the classic Astor Piazzolla, they allow themselves explore other composers, either famous or underappreciated, from the Argentinian musical tradition. The original formula of piano-violin-bass, for which the trio creates all its arrangements, lends itself particularly to the interpretation of this musical repertory and allows the restoration of all its energy, rhythms and colors.


After successful outings in Belgium, the Trio El Cuberdon is now turning towards the rest of the world to share its true passion for tango.

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